“You are a natural. People engage with you.”
PSA Members

“It was a privilege to hear Mike speak at our regional PSA Staffordshire event last month. Mike is a master of storytelling and uses his wealth of experience to encourage his listeners to take steps that make a difference in our communities. It was a great honour to see his passion for change as he encouraged us to live life fully whilst making life better for others – a great motivational talk! Thank you Mike.”
Joy Marsden, Speaker

“Mike is one of the most engaging speakers I have ever had the privilege of hearing. Impassioned, witty and wise, he is able to make his subject interesting and relevant to his listener, young or old. I would heartily recommend him as a speaker in any forum, but especially schools where young people will, I believe, respond readily to his ideas and format.”
Basia Korzeniowska, Teacher

“I have known Mike for over 30 years and can attest to his passion and professionalism in every sector he has worked. He brings this passion to his public speaking in a way that I have rarely witnessed in others and has the capacity to cross the boundaries of both age and gender.
Mike has the gift of managing to weave personal anecdotes about his experiences into a meaningful and heartfelt message which will resonate with anyone. He has a wealth of experience turning around charity enterprises and making them viable and sustainable. I would recommend Mike as a public speaker without hesitation.”
Karen A Wright, English Teacher & Interventionist and Teach First Mentor

“An engaging public speaker and raconteur, Mike’s ability to capture and hold an audience is held together by his down to earth honesty, self depreciation and sardonic humour.  His opinions and ideas may not be shared by all who attend his engagements but there is never any doubt that those views and opinions are based upon his own life experiences in the real world.”
Ian Stuart Lowe, Artistic Blacksmith.

“I love the ‘down to earthness’ of your manner, Mike. I would personally recommend you to anyone who needs a motivational speaker but thinks ‘not another bloody motivational speaker’.”
Guy Clapperton, Speaker

Voluntary sector

“The best all rounder I ever worked with.”
Colin Boyne, former editor the Architects’ Journal and trustee of the Walter Segal Self Build Trust.

“Mike could persuade even tortoises to build their own homes. It’s a pity he’s such a one off because, if there were more people like him, there would be many more people solving their own housing problems.”
Phil Gray, Endeavour Self Build Group

“The thing I learnt was the breadth of knowledge, experience and expertise that Mike has. The areas he was able to support never ceased to amaze and his passion and commitment knew no bounds. What really amazed me, however, was, no matter how stressful the circumstances, his ability to reassess the situation and the part he played in it and agree to a way forward for the good of the project.”
Hugh Chambers, former local authority officer