Charities and the Voluntary Sector

Mike has worked in the sector for nearly 40 years. Starting as an unemployed single parent on a job creation scheme, he rose to become an award-winning charity Director. With others, he was also instrumental in setting up what is now the National Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens. In his career, he specialised in rescuing charities from closure and turning them into successful organisations that delivered the goods. Among these were:

  • Meanwood Valley Urban Farm in Leeds
  • The Walter Segal Self Build Trust
  • Stepney City Farm

Read more about these projects in ‘What Mike Has Done’.

These experiences are described in his book, The Real Big Society and my part in it. This informs his keynote speech on the subject in which he describes, for example, how people, who were homeless and unemployed, built their own sustainable homes. One such scheme prompted the Housing Minister at the time to describe them as examples of “the extraordinary abilities of ordinary people”.

Mike also runs training course in all areas of the sector’s work from Fundraising to Project Management.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please do get in touch!