Motivational Speaking

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Mike’s keynote speech is “All You Have to do is Try”. In this, he uses his own life and experiences to describe how it is possible to change your life and that it is never too late to do this. He also describes projects he has worked on, in which those experiencing the very real social problems of homelessness and unemployment, have played an active part in solving these themselves. Among these are ones which a government minister at the time described as the results of “the extraordinary talents of ordinary people”. In doing so, they also demonstrated, in very practical ways, the vast amount of untapped talent that exists in this country, mentioned by Jesse Norman, MP in his book, The Big Society. These form the basis of his own book, The Real Big Society and my part in it.

His lifetime experiences also uitilised and described in his other two book, The Other Side of the Doors and Lessons from a Chequered Life.

Mike also runs workshops on various aspects of the voluntary sector including finance and fundraising and project and organisational management. He also works with local communities to ascertain their needs and help them set up charities and Community Interest Companies to deal with these. Lastly he helps those in the commercial sector to work with voluntary organisations to their mutual benefit.

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