Why Don’t You Just Support Arsenal? The Life and Times of a Spurs Supporter

Available in print on Amazon and in bookshops.

Mike has written three other books about his experiences and felt that it was about time that he wrote this one, the life and times of a Spurs supporter of some 50 years standing. Its title came about courtesy of his wife, Gaynor, during one of those long periods when Spurs weren’t doing well. After listening to him extol the virtues of Arsene Wenger’s management of their north London rivals and with Spurs losing once again, she asked “Why don’t you just support Arsenal then?” That kick started a story which came to its fulfillment at the end of the season in which, for the first time in 22 years, Spurs finished above Arsenal in the Premiership.

However, this book isn’t just about football, it’s also about what it means to support a club, through the good years and the bad years, and how that affects your life. What Mike, a dedicated rationalist, calls the rational pursuit of irrationality. the love of an artistry and a beauty that can make you doubt the evidence of your own eyes, with a cast of players, some of who could make time stand still in the middle of a crowded penalty area. Three dimensional chess played as poetry in motion. Albeit with one  of the game’s hard men in close attendance and intent on wrecking immediate physical havoc on one of your own. Such is life.

“Mike’s an incredible writer and this book is brilliant. Indeed, it’s a love letter to the beautiful game and, in particular, to Spurs, a team he’s addicted to.”

Mike Blissett
Speaker, Coach and Arsenal Supporter

“I really enjoy reading about Mike’s pain down the Lane. Maybe that’s because I’m a West Ham fan! Seriously though it’s a cracking read and any football fan will identify with what he’s been through.”

Jeremy Nicholas
Writer, Broadcaster and West Ham United Announcer 1998-2014

Available in print on Amazon and in bookshops.