The Real Big Society and my part in it

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Is there untapped talent in our society? Can it be nurtured and harnessed for the benefit of all? What does history teach us? Are there good examples today? Finally, can we create a big society?

The Big Society was a flagship of the Conservative Party manifesto at the last election and included in the Coalition Agreement. Yet, according to Sir Stephen Bubb, the Head of the Chief Executive of Voluntary Organisations, it is ‘effectively dead’. This book argues that it need not be and that there is good historical precedent for such a society. It is based on many years experience and a great deal of enjoyment in the voluntary sector helping people to help themselves. The results have been described as demonstrating the ‘extraordinary talents of ordinary people’.

“I love the title and the style.”

Jeremy Corbyn MP

“The best all rounder I ever worked with”

Colin Boyne, former Editor of the Architects’ Journal and Trustee of the Walter Segal Self Build Trust

“The thing I learnt was the knowledge and experience he has. The areas that he was able to support never ceased to amaze and his passion and commitment knew no bounds”.

Hugh Chambers, former officer of Tower Hamlets Council

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Available in ebook and print on Amazon and in bookshops