You Couldn’t Make It Up

MP’s expenses scandal

Phone hacking by the press

Police collusion in this

Celebrity, Church and other paedophiles

Institutional child abuse

Bank failure

Economic incompetence that led to the near collapse of our financial system

Current HSBC allegations on tax avoidance

If they wrote a novel or made a film of all this, you would have said that it was preposterous. Yet it appears to be the way that many of the “great and the good” behave, until they’re found out to be “not so good”. So, unfortunately, it’s all too real. Meanwhile the rest of us get on with our lives, making a living, doing something that’s worthwhile and raising our families. Why are we so badly let down by these people?

I really can’t be bothered to write any more today as I’m taking a few days’ break. The lovely Paul Flowers will cat/flat sit for us and I hope to return after the weekend in a better frame of mind. I know I will because isn’t that what we always do? Just get on with it and try to make things better. To quote an old army phrase “Non illegitimae carborundum”, “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”. I’m a bit too stubborn and enjoying of life to let them as I hope you all are.

Happy half term.

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