Wonderland and Magic  

Well it’s Monday 5 January and the festive season is finally over.  I write these words with some regret as I love this time of year. We get to spend unfettered time with our families, give each other presents and relax. To me it’s like a little bit of Wonderland, what’s not to like? Especially as much of the rest of the year can be a struggle at times.

That sense of the wonderful was further reinforced for me as I watched Spurs play their Xmas and New Year matches. Admittedly, they were at home but against Manchester United and Chelsea? I fully expected them to lose both by some margin. Well, life can fulfil your dreams sometimes as they drew to United (and could have won) and thrashed Chelsea. Wonder of wonders.  The satisfaction levels for the latter, which I watched on television with my son, were represented in the volume of our jubilation. Good times indeed.

So, back to work with some determination to make this the year that I actually increase my income from speaking and writing. Having been good at creating little bits of Wonderland for others in my 30 odd years in the voluntary sector, I now plan to do that for myself, financially. I have a number of gigs lined up, my third book, “Lessons from a Chequered Life” is nearly finished and I have drawn up, what I think is called, a “business model”. That is how I can make more money and from which clients. Watch this space at the beginning of next year. In the meantime, try to live your dreams as I am living mine.

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