With Thanks to Mr Burns

“O wad som power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!
It was frae monie a blunder free us,
An’ foolish notion.

Those of you who know their poetry will recognise these lines and their accurate portrayal of the human psyche; which leads me to today‘s blog. The topic of which is that, at long last, I’m starting to see myself as others see me.

In the past, to quote my wonderful Aunt Doreen, you had to take me as I was. Until, that is, I realised that there were aspects of my behaviour that I needed to change; something that has been a continuing process for some years now. However, it’s what that change has wrought in me that has been the real eye opener. You see, addressing these issues has helped me to free up things inside myself in ways that I couldn’t previously have imagined, with the most important being in regard to my writing. The results of which has just seen the completion of my fourth book, “Why Don’t You Just Support Arsenal? The Life and Times of a Spurs’ Supporter”.

I gave the manuscript to a good friend of mine to read and his comments have actually floored me. He e mailed to say that the book was like a love story to the beautiful game and that I’m an incredible writer! What it has also done, however, is to help me to realise that I have actually achieved and you can’t imagine how good that feels.

So discover your own unrealised abilities. You may be as delighted as I am with the results. And thank you, Robbie Burns.

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