Why I “Don’t Just Support Arsenal”

DSCN0155Yesterday I received a proof copy of my 4th and latest book, “Why Don’t You Just Support Arsenal; the Life and Times of a Spurs Supporter”; although nowadays “sitting in the pub watching the television” might be a more accurate description of my supporter’s status.

The title, for those of you who are interested, came courtesy on my lovely wife who, during those many years when the team weren’t doing as well as they are now, and hearing me extol the, then, virtues of Professor Wenger’s management of our north London rivals, simply raised the, to her, obvious question. Well, it may have taken 22 years but, last season made it all worthwhile, as well as providing the idea for the cover design (again with the help of lovely wife). Which leads me, in my usual rambling fashion, to the point of this blog; apart, that is, of providing me with the chance to advertise the book. It, by the way, includes on the back cover, the quote “Mike is an incredible writer and this book is brilliant. Indeed, it’s a love letter to the beautiful game and, in particular, to Spurs, a team he’s addicted to.” That from an Arsenal supporter!

So, what is that point? Well, it’s the one that I make at my speaking engagements and that is, all you have to do is try; albeit with some intent. You may not succeed but the act of that effort and perseverance will itself change things and, likely, lead you down paths you may never even have envisaged. As it did for me 10 or so years ago when I decided to stop talking about writing a book and actually started the process (with intent). Every time, I found that I needed another cup of tea, that the washing up needed doing, that I needed to hang the washing out or find something else to do, after doing them, I went back to the writing. The result was that I built up a momentum and the books almost wrote themselves. All through the simple act of trying with intent. And, of course, not supporting Arsenal!

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