When You Walk Through a Storm

As I’ve mentioned before, what my wife calls “my incredible perseverance” I just call “getting on with it”. In fact, I don’t “call” it anything at all, it’s just “life”. However, seeing as I’m rather proud of my wife, it’s lovely that she sees me in that light. It makes me feel valued; something that is important to us all and especially that little boy within who never felt validated. So, what’s this about today?

Well as any of you who read my blogs will know, The past few months have seen small, but important, differences in the way that I do things; the benefits of many years of therapy. Central to this has been letting others in and not seeing them as symbols of some sort of establishment that, by its nature, I didn’t want to feel part of. In this I felt at one with Groucho Marx who said that he’d never want to be part of a club that would want him as a member. It was what I did and it kept me on the outside; somewhere I was comfortable.  Well I may still be comfortable as an outsider, however, I’m now comfortable on the inside as well. And, I have to say that, actually feeling (and accepting) that welcome from others has been life changing in its own small way. It’s something that I’ve not really experienced before. Which brings me to the, not unconnected, title of this blog.

In parallel to this has been my ability to keep going and to try to make a living out of motivational speaking; something I’m actually quite good at. The speaking not the money making. Well, after five years of working at it, it may be that I’ve turned a corner with one of the schools I’ve been working with having the money to employ me on a project that I’ve drawn up which involves using speaking and presentation skills to help pupils to realize their talents and be able to present themselves better to the world of work. I also have two other schools interested.

Perhaps that’s why that Liverpool Football Club anthem has long been one of my favourites.


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