What Keeps You Going in Trying Times?

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I see a world that could be more than one that is. In these even more trying times than the previous ones, it’s what keeps me going. That’s not to say that I keep my distance from the world, far from it, as much of my working life has been in an involvement with projects that are a very practical demonstration of what could be. Those little bits of Wonderland that I refer to; where people work together, often for low wages and/or as volunteers because of what the project represents. They may be city farms, community gardens or other environmental projects or those on which people who were homeless and unemployed built their own sustainable homes, some of which are featured on my website.

Well, yesterday, on one of our weekend walks where, among other things, Gaynor and I search out these projects which, incidentally, never fail to confirm our perspective on life. Yesterday was no exception when we walked along the River Lea in East London and stopped off at Cody Dock before completing our walk along the canal to Limehouse Basin.

There in Canning Town, with a clear view across the river to one of the world’s financial centres, was something in sharp contrast. Situated on a, once derelict, one hectare site of a former Victorian Dock is Cody Dock. Rescued from its previous state by a great deal of hard work from committed volunteers and staff, it is now has a Masterplan and is being regenerated, under local community management. In the meantime, as the photos on the project’s and my wife’s website demonstrate, it is a thriving environmental and community project. When completed, it will become a centre for the creative industries with workspaces, environmental and visitor facilities and a very practical demonstration of what is possible with vision and hard work.

So, go along and have a look at a world that could be, actually being built. It’s what keeps me going and continues to do so. A demonstration of the extraordinary abilities of ordinary people.


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