To See Ourselves as Others See Us

The past few months has been ones during which I’ve had to push myself harder just to keep standing still and, if the truth be told, I haven’t done this as much as I should have. It’s a feeling that I’m starting to recognise and do something about; this getting older while still wanting to continue to make some, admittedly small, difference in life. Among the things that have reinforced those feelings of ennui, has been a bad back; this hindering my efforts to be as fit as I can. So I haven’t run or been to the gym for two weeks. Well, the first of these was dealt with on Sunday morning, around the park and along the canal (one of the joys of living in Central London). The second was harder, so much so that, yesterday, I convinced myself that yet another day wouldn’t make much difference. Until, that is, that part of me that does the pushing did just that and I picked up my kit and off I went.

Well, it was as hard as I’d expected it to be although made easier by the comments of some of those I’ve got to know. These comments, registered with a smile, of, for example, “After you, young man”, when I patently am not, a nice sign of their appreciation. This morning I ache but feel much the better for it, knowing that I’m getting back to where I need to be. Which brings me to my point; which is that I need to live up to being the person that others see and not the one that I see myself to be. Hence my need to step up and see and believe in myself as much as I see and believe in others.  At which point, I skimmed through the first few chapters of my third book “Lessons from a Chequered Life” . These were “Getting Older” and “What the Passing of Time Provides”. Perhaps I should take my own advice more often and keep going!


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