The World is Still Turning

One week on and the world is still turning. That may be the way some of us, myself included, come to terms with what has happened. When I was a child, I experienced more than my fair share of separation and upheaval and dealt with this (and still do) by thinking that the moment I left someone I loved or somewhere I was happy, it’ was actually one second nearer to being reunited. I deal with governments in similar fashion; that is, I get on with the rest of my life, reasonably confident that I can deal with whatever life throws at me. After all, I’ve always done that in the past. Surely, though they can’t be as incompetent, stupid and nasty as they have been up till now. Well, don’t bet on it. Living in a bubble for most of your lives can have a strange effect. It’s called “group think” and is reflected in the way in which those in power, for example, reinforce one another’s views. Another way to describe the situation is that fairy tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

So, what’s this got to do with now? Well, one particular person (yes it’s you, Big Dave) seems to spend much of his time rewriting history and making promises on the hoof. I use euphemisms, of course. Now the problem with this behaviour is that, when you find yourself in a position in which you have no one else to blame anymore, you may have to deliver on these promises. In addition, when you stay around for longer, you become the history that you’re trying to rewrite. Provided, that is, that you stay the course. So here’s a little scenario. A government with a small majority holds a referendum on Europe which results in a vote for leaving. I can’t imagine those in the business worlds being very happy with that outcome. A tired PM then decides to set in motion the procedure for his “staying till the end” which, in reality means giving his successor time to plan for that succession. The alternative is that voters actually opt to stay in Europe. The right wing of the party will be less than happy with this and we have a rerun of the Major years. A tired PM decides he’s had enough anyway and sets the same procedure in motion as for Plan A. We now, of course, have the successor that many on the right want, not only as an MP but actually with a seat at the Cabinet table. Folks, it could get a whole lot worse. For those who think he’s good for a laugh, please read his biography. Anyway, to rephrase the slogan that was around when the Eisenhower elections took place in the US. “Sam Sneed for President. After all if you’re going to have a golfer, you might as well have a good one”. For “golfer”, of course, read “clown”

Interestingly (and I think I heard it correctly on the radio last week) someone was discussing the responses they got on the doorstep while canvassing in Scotland. It seems that many people didn’t vote SNP just because it stood for independence but as an expression of its more left leaning agenda. Courage, mes amies. If you’re going to lose, you may as well go down fighting for what you believe in. You also might not lose in the first place. Whatever, you will have tried.

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