The Wonderland that can be Created from Goodness

I’m trying to write the blog this morning without too much schadenfreude and, yes, it is extremely difficult. So I probably won’t bother. Instead, I’ll just say that it’s about time that a political manipulator of the highest order was hoist by his own petard. Interesting times indeed. Still, if the Tory party is at war with itself, perhaps it will have less time to wage war on the rest of us. We shall see.

I also notice that the buds are out on the trees and that we are now, officially, in springtime; a time of year that I love with its heralding of the end of winter. Still, I’m not holding my breath on the change in the political climate as I’m pretty sure that we’re currently governed by people with the bleak view of the world that winter can represent. I, however, prefer to base my ideals on a tee shirt I once saw that bore the slogan “Just remember that, above the clouds, the sun is always shining”. As indeed it is.

I also know that when you destroy hope, you also destroy one of the forces that help to see us through the bad times. More than that, you destroy that which can be the driving force in creating the good ones. As for me, I will continue to see the good in people and try to build my little world around that ideal. It’s not served me too badly so far and helped me, in the process, to help others to create some “little bits of Wonderland” in this world. Projects that do truly demonstrate that “We’re all in it together”.  Having been part of that is a lovely feeling. It even beats schadenfreude.

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