The Value of Perseverance

I have written previously of what my wife calls my “incredible perseverance”. This weekend she amended that slightly and described it as “doggedness” which, as I pointed out, might be the opposite of “cattedness”; a quality that seems not to be so appealing. Somehow I prefer the idea of just keeping going when others might not. In my head, the point about the first two descriptions is that they are positive qualities whereas as the latter is simply about not being beaten. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence, therefore, that one of my favourite films is “Cool Hand Luke”.

The point of this introduction is that, after a couple of years of hard work, my doggedness may just be starting to pay off. I now have two voluntary organisations which have been offered funding for work which I can now carry out and some speaking gigs now in hand, including one at the BBC. I have also drawn up a specific project which I am offering to schools and have had some positive responses. Lastly, my lovely wife is talking the first steps towards her new career.

She too seems to have some of that perseverance which she attributes to me. Certainly, it is a quality that she had put to good use during the early years of our relationship. Perhaps it just takes one to know one.


  1. Absolutely Mike. I’d call it tenacity and its a very admirable quality. I speak as someone who has a tendency to give up at the first hurdle! So I know what I’m talking about!

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