The Morning After the Night Before

So, as with all binges, euphoria hasn’t morphed into glad new morning but, rather, OMG. The only satisfying aspect is that those responsible have turned to infighting and backstabbing. Given their appalling lies and general behaviour during the referendum, why should we have expected it to be any different? There was no Plan B, in fact there wasn’t even a Plan A; that much is obvious. The problem is, where do we go from here? Well, I still see cause for optimism, albeit of a pretty tenuous kind.

The major political parties either face a leadership election or the very real possibility of one. The Lib Dem leader has already talked about a manifesto of staying in the EU at the next election, while the SNP is making its views very clear on the future for their country inside the Union. Furthermore, there is even talk of a referendum in Ireland on the matter. It also appears that most members of both the House of Commons and the Lords back the idea of Britain being in the EU as do many of the countries within it.

This all against a background of self inflicted economic damage on an unbelievable scale. As one American commentator is reported to have said, “Why would you commit economic suicide?” Whether he is right or not, the future for our young people is now likely to be a less secure one than they had a right to expect. Lastly, I believe that our country is a far more liberal and decent one than the xenophobic bile of the past few weeks would have you believe. After all, did anyone feel anything other than sheer embarrassment at Mr Farage’s rant at the recent EU meeting? Is that what represents any of us? I think not.

For those who think that it’s all cut and dried, I would point out that one of the real surprises has already happened. After all, did anyone expect a certain Mr Johnson to back out at his moment of greatest triumph to be replaced by his former best friend who always said that he wouldn’t stand? So, the unexpected has already happened.

So, I would argue that there is a long road ahead. Moreover, one for which, not only is there no map, but that it is one that will be built as we travel along it. Some years of further economic bad news and the resultant social problems may make anyone not want to make a definite decision. Who knows what will happen when the dust starts to settle; other than that a clearer picture will emerge. As it does when you get over the hangover from the night before.

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