The Great Leap in the Dark

There are something things that make me incandescent. Chief among these is when politicians tell us that, whatever we thought about what they’ve just done, we need to accept it and move on. Do we really? Well in response, I can only say no wonder we don’t trust you. I will go on to say that two years is a long time and that “There’s many a slip between cup and lip”.

Now, in no way could I be described as an uncritical supporter of the EU. However, I voted by thinking about the issue and came to the conclusion that we’re better off in than out. In doing so, I was cognisant of a number of things. Foremost among these was the complete leap in the dark that was the Leave campaign’s position; a position that, three days later, is now publicly acknowledged. There was no plan other than saying whatever they thought that they could get away with. Unfortunately, some people believed them. What is worse is the atmosphere that the Leave campaign seems to have generated in parts of the country.

Now I live in a city where there are thousands of immigrants so have some experience of this. Indeed, my wife and I went for a walk along the canal yesterday and finished up in the centre of Dalston. It was like a human rainbow. So Mr Johnson (he of the Turkish great grandfather) what exactly is your problem?  Obviously not much of one as this blond bombshell is now telling us that it wasn’t really about immigrants at all! In addition, we have Mr Farage saying that the slogan emblazoned in large letters on the Leave campaign’s bus, about money for the NHS, was “a mistake” and a Tory MEP and Leave campaigner admitting that the trade deals that we manage to draw with the EU up will, likely, include clauses on the free movement of labour; not preventing it, obviously.  That last had Andrew Marr doing Basil Fawlty impressions with his head in his hands. Lastly (so far) those people who couldn’t wait for us to get out are now saying that it shouldn’t be rushed. Of course not, because it’s now one of them who will need to press the button and not the current Prime Minister. Depending on the circumstances at the time, that may well be the end of that person’s political career. If it’s the bookmakers’ current favourite, I can only say that it couldn’t be more apposite.

So, when you take such a great leap in the dark, as we now have, beware of getting what you wish for.

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