The Final Piece of the Jigsaw?

Now anyone who knows me will know that I never count my chickens. However, in the future when I look back, it may be this last week or so that has seen the final piece in the jigsaw falling into place. And what particular jigsaw, you might ask. Well it’s the one related to the mindset that prevented me believing that I would ever make it in what I really wanted to do. This, despite the fact that I knew that I actually had what it takes as well as the necessary perseverance to keep going. Yes, I know it may sound strange but aren’t we all a little like that? So what’s changed?

Well, it’s a combination of factors among which are that my fourth book is about to be published. Itself, to me at least, not such a big deal. What, however, has been a big deal is the response from some of those who’ve read the manuscript, and here you might need to excuse me for blowing my own trumpet. One has said that I’m an “incredible writer” and that the book is “brilliant” while the other say that it’s “a cracking read”. This from my fellow professionals; so many thanks for that, Mike and Jem. The other is that the school project I’m working on is coming along nicely. In addition, I’ll be working with another school in September while a third also wants to go ahead at that time.

So, even this person, who finds it difficult to acknowledge his successes, is no longer able to do so and the acceptance of that in my own head has been a sea change. Now where’s that next jigsaw?

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