The End of an Era?

On Sunday, Gaynor and I went out for one of our usual weekend walks. This one to Rye Mead Nature Reserve in Hertfordshire, followed by a walk along the river back to Broxbourne and the train home to north London. On the way out, we sat next to a young American reading a book about the economic future and talked about the situation in his country and ours. At which point, he said that he never thought that he’d ever say that he’d prefer George W Bush to be back. Yet I was heartened when I spoke of the difficult times that his generation faced. At which point, he described its “steely determination”; something that I sense, right now, in our own country.

Now I could wax lyrical about this and the fact that, at long last, I think that we might be starting to see the dawn that has followed a long night which has endured for much of the past 40 years; half my lifetime, in fact. During much of that time, the people of this country have had to put up with an ideology where nastiness, inequality, greed, and “Sod you, Jack” have been the defining qualities. However, I won’t do that. Instead, I’ll just refer you to an article in last week’s Guardian by Jonathon Friedland. Click on and enjoy!

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