Take on the Situation not the Torment

Like many other traits in life, worry is, probably, inherent in the human condition. Indeed, in many respects, it is a perfectly natural response to the circumstances that we find ourselves in at any particular time. And there the matter should end. However, for many, worry itself becomes the default mechanism, the usual state of mind. It becomes, in fact, a defining one for an individual’s pattern of behavior, irrespective of events. At which point, it can be as much a determinant of as a response to those events and there lies the rub, as they say. However, should this be something of concern?

Well, as someone who was an inveterate worrier but is now considerably less so, I think it should be. For a start, worrying less frees you up and gives you more emotional space to enjoy life and develop any potential that you have. Whereas worry can be draining and inhibiting. Indeed I read somewhere a few years ago that what can prevent people who are unemployed from moving on is the fear of having too many bills and not enough income; with the certainty that the bills would increase whereas the income wouldn’t. Something I can well relate to from when I was unemployed with two children.

So, how do you do become less of a worrier? Well, in my case, by looking at the issues that caused me to be a worrier in the first place. Issues that were buried so deeply that I hardly knew they existed. Unfortunately, it’s likely that you will need professional help in order to do this. After all, if you already knew the causes, you would already have sorted things out.

Am I, in my usual fashion, analysing too much? Well, maybe, although I think not. What I do know is that I worry much less than I did and, in doing so, live by the title of that song. Then again, I always did like Stevie Nicks!

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