Tackle Your Demons

Among my particular dislikes are damp, misty November evenings. I find them very depressing and reminiscent of events that I’d prefer not to remember. Which brings me, immediately for a change, to my point, that of tackling your demons. They are, after all, demons; that is, they aren’t real. It also means that the fear, worry or whatever other emotions they engender can be very real to the individual concerned and often, somewhat, baffling to others.

Now, as someone, who has tried to face down his demons over many years with some success, I can verify how good it is to do that and to the feeling that you can make decisions based on the reality of any situation and not your particular perception of it. That freedom can be very life enhancing although, in my case, it has come very late in life. That is not to say that I haven’t had some impact, just that it’s has been more of a struggle than it need have been. To provide an example, when I ran the city farm in Leeds, John Coop, who was our Finance Officer and excellent, all round, gofer, used to tell me not to worry so much. I countered by explaining that worry was what drove me. Because I worried, for example, about our financial situation, I was a very good fundraiser. Now, years of therapy have helped me to identify the root cause of my concerns which has helped me to identify the demon. Although, in this case I haven’t quite slain it, in many other areas of my life, I have done.

The result? I now have a much more stable family life and, at an age when most of my peers have opted for cardigan and slippers, I am now on my 6th career doing thing that I have dreamed of for many years. Two books published in both paperback and Kindle versions with two more over half way through. Crucially this person who, much as he likes people, has never really been able to ask for help, has started to do so. And, do you know what? They have responded immediately as if surprised that it took me so long to ask.  So, tackle your demons. After all they don’t exist in the real world.

Lastly, no one could let the last few days pass without mentioning the comet landing. Absolutely amazing and a wonderful example of what humanity is capable of. Just what I needed in these trying times.

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