Some Thoughts before Election Day and Other Things

Blogs aren’t normally things I prepare for in advance (Yes, I know, it shows). I write about whatever is on my mind at the time. So, what is it to be today? Well, a number of things both in the wider world and personally.

In a week’s time, we will know the result of the general election; probably one of the most significant in my lifetime. Now, at this point, I could go on about how much I dislike this government but, although it might make me feel better, it wouldn’t persuade anyone else of anything.  So what I would do is urge people to vote even if it’s just to spoil your ballot paper. It may be an inconvenience when you feel that you have better things to do, but writing “Bollocks to all of you” is, surely, a better response than apathy. Contrary to popular opinion, politicians do take some notice and a newspaper headline that read “TURNOUT  100% with a sub heading of Conservatives 15%, Labour 15%, Lib Dems 2%, Others 3% and the aforementioned “Bollocks” 65%” would give none of the parties legitimacy. It may also (and this is important) cause them to reconsider and actually, get them to tell you what they really plan to do. I know but I can dream, can’t I?

On that specific point, how any party can say that it plans to have another £12bn of cuts but that it will not tell you what these are until AFTER the election, is beyond satire. In fact, it’s treating us all with particular contempt. So, unless you don’t care or feel that it won’t make much difference, that party really shouldn’t be one of your voting preferences. As for the whole austerity rationale, I suggest that you read an excellent article in The Guardian on Wednesday by Paul Krugman. Under the headline, “The Austerity Delusion” it carries a subtitle, “The Case for Cuts was a Lie”. Read it before you vote and, if you do vote for such swingeing cuts, please don’t complain in my presence afterwards.

As for the good news, well it’s to do with me personally and demonstrates that, thus far, I have always managed to survive what life has thrown at me. Hopefully I will continue to do so. With the previous cuts that came with the heralding of the fiasco that was the “Big Society”, my voluntary sector work dried up. On the positive side it made me publish my first two books and try to build a career in writing and public speaking, the latter of the inspirational kind. It has been a long and slow process but may just be starting to reap dividends. I have been asked to give a talk at a conference in London next week and, yesterday, got a wonderful plug on Radio Horton to which many thanks are due. I am also about to start work with two voluntary organisation for which I will be paid!

The really important part, however, has been the change in me with. It may just be that I am beginning to believe that it really is me who does all this. Steady, old boy, let’s not get too carried away.

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