So the Little Guys Can Win

I write this as a lifelong Spurs’ supporter who, last night, watched his team relinquish its hold on the Premiership title. The club have dropped four valuable points in the last two matches that they could ill afford to drop and that needs to be addressed ready for next season. One which I look forward to with genuine optimism.

This blog, however, is about the actual Champions, Leicester City and their manager. Dismissed twelve years ago as someone who couldn’t win the league, he has done just that. Replaced by a “win at all costs” mentality, in favour of someone who was then himself dismissed, Mr Ranieri has, indeed, delivered the goods. Moreover, he has done this while retaining his honesty, integrity and morality; at least according to Scott Parker in his post match comments at Stamford Bridge.

So you can operate, in what I consider to be a temple to vanity and greed so defining of our modern culture, with those values that are at such odds with just that culture. Crucially, you can do this and beat the others in the process. More importantly, what do you think are more likely to be remembered more in a hundred years’ time, Mr Mourinho’s achievements or Mr Ranieri’s?

So, this bright Tuesday morning, despite supporting the team that didn’t win the ultimate prize, I have a smile on my face. Thank you, Claude Ranieri and Leicester City Football Club.


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