It’s not been too great a time of late with family and friends and friends of friends dying, some friends very ill and some personal and family anxieties. That may have slowed me down although it hasn’t completely stopped me; witness the completion of my third book, “Lessons from a Chequered Life”, which will soon be available. It does, however, give me cause for thought; something that I’m doing more of these days. I suppose you could call it reflection.

Interestingly, much of this relates, not to what I have done, but to what I haven’t. Yet. And therein lays a problem which is one that many people share. Underestimating or failing to recognise your achievements for what they are. A strange situation for someone who advises others on how to be the change that they dream about. After all, isn’t my strap line, “All you have to do is try”. Well, at least I know that I don’t fall too far short in that respect. Yet, in my own case, I take for granted what I’ve done; even when I know that I never, previously, thought that I’d do whatever it was that I’ve just done. As an example, now that I’ve written three books, nearly finished a fourth and am part way through a fifth, I do think that I have to recognise my writing skills. Especially when people write such nice things about what I’ve written. I also know that I’m quite a good speaker, albeit a little marmite like.

So, I will continue to think things through. It’s a good trait in itself and one that helps provide a sense of perspective. It also, occasionally, allows you to quietly admit to yourself that you really did those things that others praise you for. And there’s my problem and that of many others; a difficulty in accepting praise. This latter not being the received wisdom when I was a child. Perhaps that’s why I do it so much to my own children and grandchildren and that’s no bad thing. So I will continue to reflect and to try. Not a bad combination, that and one that seems to serve me well.

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