Physician, Heal Thyself

This is a follow up to my recent blog, “No Excuses Any More”.

During my 35 years in the voluntary sector, often working with community groups who had an idea but little in the way of experience or resources, I have helped people in some very difficult circumstances. I now try to do something similar in my writing and speaking career.

What this usually comprises is looking at what is intended, identifying what is to be achieved and drawing up very detailed, step by step, plans to do this. This latter central as it allows those who have never done anything like this before to reach their goals as they learn the ropes.  It is, in fact, very simple and straightforward as well as effective. It has, along the way, helped to create city farms and community gardens from scratch and for people who were homeless and unemployed to build their own sustainable homes. So, how come, I find it difficult to follow that approach myself?

Well, actually, I do try to do just that. However, what I don’t do is ask for help. As I’ve previously mentioned, the thought has been there in my head although the words wouldn’t  form in my mouth.

So, I’m now somewhat taken aback by the response that this asking has generated. Including from someone who mentioned how welcoming and helpful I had been to him and that he wanted to reciprocate. Not as a favour but because that’s what you do, isn’t it? So, nearly 70 years of behaviour has been confounded and I feel both humbled an a little unsure. This latter because I’m in uncharted waters. Above all, though, it feels extremely comforting, reinforcing, as it does, my belief in the inherent decency of the great majority of humanity.

So, if things need to change, start with yourself. Even if you’re not a physician!

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