Physician, Heal Thyself

Like most of us when we offer help and advice to others, I need to take similar action to that which I suggest that others might. At which point, perhaps an explanation might be helpful.

Well, among other foibles, I find rejection extremely difficult to deal with and I have problems with feeling that I’ll let people down. Oh, and, like many of my generation, I’m not as au fait with social media as I need to be. So, when you put the three of these together, I have to push myself harder than usual to get to my goal. That’s not to say that I won’t get there but that the process is beset with prevarication. That is, I can always find something else that needs doing instead, like the washing up, hanging out the washing, doing The Guardian crossword or just making a cup of tea. All, to me, necessary tasks but not ones conducive to getting to where I want to be. So, where is that?

The answer to that lies in overcoming my fear of rejection and going ahead anyway. So, I’m now trying to get a literary agent to take on one or other of my books; something that involves selling myself, another thing that I’m not good at. So, having put it off for weeks, two days ago I decided to have another try. And, like much else, once I got down to it, I found it to be quite enjoyable. The secret for me is to deal with it in the third person and write as if it was for someone else.

The other matter is in getting down to something else that I plan to do which is marketing my expertise in helping others in three main areas. These are managing change, whether that is in your career or your personal life and writing and self publishing. At which point, the support of my Mastermind group in the form of Mike Blissett and Pearl Jordan come into the picture. Mike is a coach who, among other things, is excellent in explaining how to do online training and webinars. And, yesterday, I had the benefit of his detailed advice. The result is that, next week, I plan post a video blog describing my services. At which point, a little bit of apprehension creeps in and I realise that I haven’t yet had my second cup of tea, although I have done the crossword. So, on the basis of the title of this blog, watch for the video next week.

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