On Getting Older

When you’re young, you have your whole world in front of you; a situation that diminishes as the years go by. The usual response to this, at least in my own experience, was that this wasn’t something that needed to concern me unduly. Indeed, it didn’t concern me at all. Old age was a long way off so, why worry?

Well. I’m now well into that old age and it’s something, as my friends will tell you, that I tend to ignore. One was even kind enough to say that, to me, age is just a number. Well, I wish that was a true as it sounds. Yes, it is just a number and whichever one that it is with each passing year, I do tend to ignore it, in that I refuse to allow it to prevent me from doing what I’ve always done. That is to get on with life. However, I can’t take no notice at all of the effects of the passing years, reflected, for example, in arthritis in some of my joints. The result of this, for example, is that the long runs that I used to take are probably a thing of the past. Don’t get me wrong, I still run just not for as long as I did. Fortunately, the gym enables me to take little account of joint pain.

However, the real change has been in perception and, in my case, an understanding of what I might now be able to achieve. Yes, I know it’s a little late, however, better late than never. And there lies another problem which I am tackling; that is of believing, not so much that I can do something but that of matching my high opinion of myself with along with a low estimation of that same personality; a strange but, I feel, not unusual situation. In practice that manifests itself in not feeling comfortable about marketing myself and, especially, my books.

Well, with the success of the schools’ project that I’m promoting, I’m finding the first of these easier. Now for the books; a task for which, I am now working with a specialist professional. As for getting older, bring it on!

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