No Magic Wand?

For many years, especially when I was undergoing therapy, I just wanted someone with a magic wand to come along and solve my problems. After all, I hadn’t created most of them and yet I had to spend years sorting them out. Such, unfortunately, is life. One aspect of that life was that it was, often, a series of highs and lows along, of course, with the day to day. Once, however, I divorced and got through to the other side of the doors that I talk about, the mundane nature of my life became much less so. Indeed, it became one with goals, albeit limited ones, rather than the daily grind of earning a living.  It has been so ever since although the goals have gradually come to be set a little higher as I have started to realise the skills that I have. Those thoughts of a magic wand, however, still surface although now more as a nice thought than a need.

You see, that thought became a focal point that would, by its nature, help me to break through to where I needed to be. Of course, we all need help but sometimes we underestimate our own capabilities to make the changes that we want to. This despite all the evidence of those achievements; many of which may be small at the time but that, over the years, make up the jigsaw of our lives.

So, this morning, after the launch of my latest book last week, I am back to normal (or what passes for normal in our household) and moving on; alongside a young daughter who is studying for her MA in Writing and a wife who also has far more talent than she thinks that she does. Check out her photo diaries of our weekend walks in London.

So, my nose is to the grindstone heartened by a comment from an old friend who wrote that she was sorry to miss my book launch and that she wished me lots of luck in my future endeavours. She finished by say that, “In your case, of course, luck has little to do with it”. Perhaps, after all, I have my own magic wand and just didn’t realise it. Just like millions of others.

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