Need a Double Lifetime

For years I would tell friends that I’ve learnt so much in this life that I needed another one in order to put it all to good use. So, imagine my joy a few years ago, when I bought a Loudon Wainwright album to listen to him singing about the same thing. Terry Pratchett expressed much the same sentiment when he said, “Too much universe, too little time”.

Now, it would be wonderful to have that second (and third) lifetime if only to see humans travel to other planets and discover even more of the sheer wonder that is our universe. I realise, of course, that that period is likely to see humanity destroying even more of the only home it has. However, I’d still rather be alive to see it than not. Not that death itself frightens me although the thought of ceasing to exist certainly does. I am, unfortunately, sufficiently conceited that I can’t contemplate life without me in it. Yet, some time ago, I passed the point at which I was nearer the end of that life than the beginning, so it was good to have a friend describe me as someone to whom age was just a number. Well, much as I’d like that to be true, I am conscious of having less of that time in front of me with much still to do. So, I will persevere.

So, it was good to have another friend tell me yesterday that he was amazed at my energy; something I fail to recognise. We talked of our plans for the future and the changes that we’d like to make and, as I did so, I felt something inside asking me if I really wanted to start something new at my age. It was probably that five year old who I’ve been looking after for more years than I care to remember. As I usually do, I gave myself a little time to think although I already knew what the answer would be. Is there an alternative?

Now I really do need that double lifetime.

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