Learning to Play

Some of my speaking colleagues have commented on the fact that I appear to have led more than one life whereas, to me, they’ve just been different facets of the same one. Yet, even I have to admit that there’s quite a disconnect between the life I led until I was 34 and the 40 years that followed. Indeed, that younger person would never have believed what this one is now doing; much as he dreamt about it. Yet, I still have things I want to do and challenges that I have to meet. Not so silly really as I plan to be around for long enough to do as many of them as I can.

Now, some of these are in areas that I already operate in, for example, writing and speaking. However, I intend for some of them to be in those areas in which I find myself inhibited for some reason. You see, it’s deep in that sub consciousness, where another self lies hidden; a place where also lie the problems that can be the most difficult to deal with. Yet, the change on the surface will probably be so small that no one else will notice. Any more than many of them noticed what has taken place since this adult first started to become the person that he wanted to be.

Said adult, you see, may be quite funny; however, essentially, he sees life as a very serious business which he has to analyse in order to understand and then change. And, there’s a small problem here, which is that some of the building blocks that others take as read are either absent or weren’t erected properly all those years ago; some of the software doesn’t operate as it should. Notably in the areas of letting others in and playing. These are a work in progress and you will note the use of the present tense there.

So, I’m learning to play and, in doing so, be easier on myself. Now there’s a first.

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