Keeping the Flag Flying

As you may have gathered from many of my previous blogs, I believe that the 1960’s was a golden age for people of my generation, ie those who were young at the time. And, just in case you should need reminding, we grew up during, probably, a unique period of social change. A time of optimism, hope, freedom, colour and the most amazing music. We were, indeed, the lucky generation.

In my case, that optimism and hope are kept alive within me despite the evidence to the contrary that I experience in my everyday life. You see, in my naivety, I never allowed for the re-emergence of the “Sod you, Jack” ideology that seems to be this current government’s default mechanism.  And, before you say anything, I would reiterate that “it really doesn’t have to be this way”. The future, after all, hasn’t yet happened.

So why am I writing this now, well partly because that attitude is something that I continue to rail against in words and some action but, also, because I was reminded of those times, if I ever needed to be, when watching a couple of documentaries last week. One on Eric Clapton and one about a train tour across America by a number of bands in 1970. The latter, especially,  reminded me of the fun of living through those times.

Well, I don’t know about anyone else but I will continue to do my, admittedly, small bit to keep the flag flying, largely through my books and my work with schools, for hope, optimism and a future where we offer the next generation something better than they have and the possibility of realising their dreams. Oh, and also some great music!

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