Keep the Dream Alive

A good friend of mine once, rather kindly, said of me, “To Mike, age is just a number” and, until very recently it really was. So, despite the passing of the years, I still work, run, go to the gym, walk for miles around London at the weekend with my wife and generally do still do all those things that I’ve done for years while pushing myself into new areas of endeavour. My first novel, now underway, being one of them. I’m also more reconciled to the person that I am while, changing those aspects of my behaviour that I feel need changing and find all this both worthwhile and rewarding. Indeed, I think that I would argue that these things help me to remain fit and healthy in mind and body. However, I can’t deny a certain drive that makes me do all those things in the first place. Moreover, it’s a drive that doesn’t seem to go away. Perhaps I’m making up for those first 30 years, when life got in the way, by making sure that it doesn’t these.

Yet, I have to admit that the past few years have tested even my youthful dreams, forged in the 1960’s, in ways that I didn’t imagine that they would.  This has, of course, been compounded by the death of some of the iconic figures from that remarkable period; one characterised by enormous social change for the better, opportunity, hope, optimism, colour and some amazing music. Glorious, it was to be young and alive during those heady times.

Well, I may have been tested but, stubborn as I am, that doesn’t change my ideals or my desire to “keep on trucking on”. Something I intend to do for quite some time yet. So, when your ideaIs are put to the test, just redouble you efforts. If nothing else, it will keep the dream alive for those that follow.  After all, anything that shows up these nightmare times for what they are, needs to be celebrated. Even if it is just to show that there is another way. So, take that first small step towards changing your own life and, in doing so, have more of an impact on the wider world. If you do and I’m any example, I guarantee that you’ll never look back and your life will be much the better for it.


  1. Wise words again Mike I do enjoy reading your blogs . I hope that in my own way although from a slightly younger generation I grew up in the rebellion of the punk era I can contribute to the solution rather than to the problems of this current age . Keep on trucking !

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