Keep Going!

As for many UK today with its austerity, followed by yet more austerity, seemingly to be followed by such austerity at least as far as I can see, life has not been too easy of late. Not dire, at least not yet, but it could have been better. To add to that, the car has its MOT, our house insurance is due, one of our cats died and I have to go to the dentist again. In the grand scheme of things, though, none of these are insurmountable. It’s just life’s wear and tear which can get you down.

Then I consider what I have and what I’ve done and do what I always; do which, is carry on. There isn’t any alternative. Along the way I think of the fact that he cat had a good life, my family make me happy (I hope that I do the same), that the Camden New Journal are featuring my views in an article and publicising my books and, last week, I did my first stand up comedy slot in front of my peers at the Professional Speaking Association conference in London. Some of them even laughed. Importantly, I am now pushing ahead, again, in what I should have done 40 years ago, writing and public speaking.

After some months of not writing, I was finding it hard to get down to it again. So last week, I just did by starting on the final stages of my third book, provisionally entitled, “Lessons of a Life Well Lived”. Within minutes, the words flowed from heart to fingertips and it feels good.

The lesson, take a deep breath and keep going. Like I say, there is no alternative and, if you can dig in and plough on, you may sometimes be surprised at the results.

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