Just a Little More Perseverance


The people I know of a religious bent often seem to me to need to feel that life has some sort of purpose to it. I, on the other hand, have no need of such a purpose. We just are, in the same way that all others animals are. Yet, I do feel very much that I need to do something worthwhile while I’m here; other than just keeping the system working. I won’t change the world, although I might have some small impact. As I like to think that I have had. Not as much as I would have liked although I intend to make up for that by persevering well past conventional retirement age. As I am doing.

Yet, I have to admit, that the last few years have seen a change although, hopefully, not a permanent one in this respect. I have found it harder to push myself. Fortunately, not enormously so but in a way that I haven’t had to do previously. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, some blind instinct drove me and served me well. I thought less and just got on with it; whatever it was.

Well, the past year or so has seen a, personally, more contented and considerate me and that seems to have made a difference. Before I was very sure even when I knew I wasn’t.  I needed that surety. So, to use a mathematical expression, what I did was “reductio ad absurdum”, something I still do although less forcefully that I did in the past.

I still, however, have much more to do before I put my feet up but recognise that I will now have to work harder to do it. What I am now exhibiting is a little more perseverance. Long may it continue.


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