How Thin is the Glue?

More mundane matters have affected the household this morning when, on a very cold day, the boiler has developed a fault. Our plumber is extremely helpful but can’t get out until later this afternoon. So, I compensate for the lack of heating by wearing three pullovers, two pairs of thick socks and a hat; in addition, I might add, to my usual clothing! I also have a back up heater but it’s not really adequate for the task, so I’m soldiering on without it.

Now, what’s interesting in this scenario is the effect that it’s having on my ability to work. Yes, I am working but the cold is sufficiently distracting to hinder my concentration. At which point, this Camden located liberal is brought up against the reality of many peoples’ day to day lives. And that’s before any lack of food, permanent home or any of the other things that we, top few per cent of the world’s population, take rather for granted.

That’s not to say that I’m unaware, it’s just that the actual experience make me think even more about how thin is the glue that that holds our society together. I also thank my lucky stars for what I have. In the meantime, I will persevere and look forward very much to the arrival of the plumber.

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