Greetings from Planet Earth

I like to think that, as you get older, you gain more of a sense of perspective; something, in my case, that I hold to be true. I also look back to a more gentle and caring society and can’t help but feel that the one we live in today is more judgemental, punitive and uncaring.

I also feel that we are currently governed by an alien race who, having these characteristics themselves, assume that the rest of us do. They are, of course, in the main supported by newspapers who promote these characteristics; ones that are based on our vices of greed and avarice. The problems is that, if you keep spewing out bile and lies, enough people might actually believe you and you will get a society in which what fuels its engine are those vices. No wonder then that these prevail. Except, of course, in the world that most of us inhabit in our day to day lives among our families, friends and colleagues.

Now, in my experience, most of these indigenous people would prefer a society that that is based more on sharing and caring and using these virtuous qualities to fuel its engine. The resultant society would, of course, be a very different one. That Real Big Society that our, soon to be, former Prime Minister extolled just six years ago; one which utilises the “vast amount of untapped talent that exists in this country” (Jesse Norman, MP, author of “The Big Society”). Should you wish to read what that big society could be like, one that we were working towards, with a degree of success, you could always read my own book, “The Real Big Society and my part in it”.

Planet Earth signing off.

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