Getting There

Still plodding away breaking through those glass ceilings and freeing myself from my inhibitions. And getting there. One of these, interestingly, was never using the word “and” at the start of a sentence. Note the use of the past tense. I now find it quite effective and enjoyable. Like many other issues, I now realise that many of my ceilings are self imposed, largely created by fear of punishment. Don’t ask, it’s too long a story, although those who’ve read my autobiography will already be aware of the circumstances.

Well, I’m finally getting to the bottom of another one of these. That of needing props, in the form of slides or prompt cards, when I speak to an audience for a talk I can do entirely in my head (and better) when I’m out running. I knew many of the reasons but knowing and relating them to your behaviour aren’t necessarily the same thing. So, fingers crossed as I have a 5 minute session at the meeting of the London Professional Speaking Association next week, followed by 40 minutes in front of my old grammar, the following week. I start the latter, of course with the story of me getting the cane on the first day for talking while having our lunch which, we’d been told by the headmaster at assembly, was prohibited. After he’d administered the punishment, he gave me a short lecture telling me that I wouldn’t make a living out of talking. That should go down well.

I also can’t let today pass without mentioning the death of Terry Pratchett. Now I’ve not read any of his books, however, The Guardian featured a few quotes which prompt me to think that maybe I will.  Two are worth passing on. The first is “So much universe and so little time” and the other, even more priceless, “Goodness is what you do, not who you pray to”. He certainly knew what he was talking about.


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