Further News and Thoughts

Today looks like the beginning of spring; bright sunshine but what the English, with their customary understatedness, call fresh. It’s weather I like as it signals the end of winter and the herald of new life.  It’s one reason why I’m feeling happier and looking forward again. Over and above my usual optimism, that is. Another, of course, is that the weekend starts in about six hours when Gaynor gets home from school and we relax with a couple of glasses of wine.

More importantly, I have taken my own advice and done what I should have done ages ago. That is that I have redrafted my public speaking brochure and, so far, sent it, with a nice covering letter, to nearly 150 secondary schools in London. I’ve followed this up by doing something similar to Rotary Clubs and the like. Now I know it’s early days, but I’ve already had some positive responses. Finally, I’ve just been told that, subject to confirmation, I’ve managed to help a small charity to raise the money to help pay for my work with them over the next few months. We’ve even started looking at holiday destinations for the summer. So, fingers crossed.

This all goes to show that you do have to have a bit of faith in yourself and keep going. Better, of course, than not having faith in yourself and stopping. Again, using a technique that I recommend to those I work with; that of using the exact opposite of whatever it is that you want to demonstrate the strength and validity of what you do want.

“Quod erat demonstrandum” as my old Maths master used to write at the end of the solution to a theorem.

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