Feelings of Sadness and Loss

I’m off to bed shortly just 70 years this evening since, as a young child, I went to bed on my own the day mum my died. For many years, I took no account of her death as she was never mentioned again. In my naivety, I actually believed that it had no effect at all. How daft was that?

Well, these days, I’m conscious of what I missed and the hole that was created by her absence; made worse by a father who left to go back to his unit in Germany to remarry soon afterwards. So this morning was a sad and contemplative time during which I thought about that person I have no memory of. As is the case these days, I think of what might have been while recognizing that this is a fairly pointless exercise. I also realize that sadness is the natural result of such events and that it’s OK to feel that way about someone you miss very, very much.

Ada Louisa Daligan (nee Hudson) 23.12.1912 to 19.11.1947


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