Don’t Let You Hold You Back

I don’t do New Year resolutions or similar statements of intent. Instead I replace these with getting on with things. I may prevaricate while I work out the details, then, as I’ve written before, I jump. I find such a process a much more effective means of getting done those things that I want to do such that they then become just part of my routine. In this way, the action seems to have a permanent effect. Crucially, it helps me to dismantle those barriers in my head that prevent me from doing what I want to do.

So this week’s blog is a small celebration of that process in a number of ways. The first of these is that, for the past few weeks, I’ve  been getting myself into the frame of mind to make good my promise to myself that I would further develop, what I think is called, my “on line presence”. In old language that means making better and more use of the internet to generate work. Yes, I have the tools for this with a website, on which I post my blogs with links to my Facebook and Linked In pages. So far so good. However, this in itself appears not to be enough these days and that is where my mental barriers raise themselves with questions in my head related to “how much more of this do I have to do to get noticed”. At which point, what I now recognize as, those old childhood patterns reassert themselves with their attendant thoughts that “no matter what I do, it won’t make any difference”.

Well, with some emotional effort, this week, these were pushed to one side and, after  that due consideration, I jumped. Which, in this case meant calling on my good friend, Mike Blissett. Among other things, Mike is a bit of a whizz in presenting to camera along with the requisite technological expertise in actually posting the (very professional) results in the appropriate places on line.

Now, I’m one of those people who, provided that I have a few prompt cards or other presentational material, can stand up and talk for hours, so doing that to camera was no problem; or was it?  Well, yes it was. Part of this was due, again, to some of that childhood baggage (which I dealt with) and some to just coming to terms with the fact that the camera itself has an effect (which Mike helped with). His being a former singer and actor, of course, was useful. The result is that I now have a short introductory video and know how to work the technology myself so that I can improve this through rehearsal.

So, this is a big thanks to the inestimable Mr B (check him out on and a great example of how to overcome your own inhibitions. I now plan to set up the camera next week for some rehearsal time on my own!

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