Doesn’t Time Fly When You’re Enjoying Yourself?

When I look at my website, I see that it’s nearly two years since I last posted a blog; hence the title of this one. In fact, as you discover as you age, it’s less when you enjoy yourself that time flies and more as you just get older. So, I’m going to write about some things that I’ve read about or that have happened that lifted my spirits. However, before I start on those blogs, perhaps a short personal update might be opportune.

On the footie front, having taken us supporters on a roller coaster ride to the Champions’ League final, Spurs not only fell at the last hurdle but compounded the matter six months later by summarily dismissing their esteemed manager. They then compounded things even more by appointing one Jose Mourinho, someone who doesn’t endear himself to me with his behaviour. Still, it’s also given me the opportunity to add another chapter or two to my book, “Why Don’t You Just Support Arsenal? The Life and Times of a Spurs Supporter”.

While I’m on the subject of books, I also need to say that I’ve also written by first work of fiction, “Finally Meeting Mum” which I’m now trying to get an agent for. It’s an autobiographical novel in which I meet someone who died over 70 years ago; even my wife thinks it’s “brilliant”. There is no higher praise. Check these, and my other books, out on I’m now working on my second novel with two other works of nonfiction in hand, one of which is nearly finished.

On the downside, this time last year, I returned from the New Year break with the worst illness I’ve ever had. It kept me bedbound for nearly a month and was, it turns out a really bad virus. I haven’t had any checks but both Gaynor and I are pretty sure that it was Covid. On a happier note, we will become grandparents to our daughter whose own daughter Rosalyn Ada (the latter name after my mum) is due in a couple of months. Which prompts the question, “Is knitting something that prospective grandmothers take to without any previous training?” Lastly, we’ve had some major works done to the flat which we’re extremely pleased with. We plan to complete this renovation work by tackling the garden when the weather gets better. In fact, we’ve already started by replacing the old decking and the pergola frame.

 We’ve also managed to continue, albeit intermittently, with our weekend walks seeking out those highways and byways that most people don’t notice. What we’ve found, and Gaynor has written about and photographed, has been a delight to both of us. If you’re interested check out This probably includes about one third of our walks over the past four years, with the rest still to be uploaded. Finally, having been unable to run for nearly three months due to the virus, I picked up again in late Spring and am still pounding away, largely over the Heath and surrounding roads. I have to admit that running through empty streets during the first lockdown was an amazing experience. Running down an empty Euston Road made me feel that I was in a sci fi film.

So, yes, time does fly when you’re enjoying yourself and age is no barrier to that enjoyment. Long may it continue!

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