Death of an Icon

The alarm went off as usual this morning and I got up to make a tea and a coffee for Gaynor and myself. In the meantime, Gaynor checked her mobile to promptly announce that David Bowie had died.

Now, normally when this happens to famous people, I make a mental note, think about it and then get on with my life. There are, however, those whose death makes me feel different. This was one of those occasions. Now I have to confess that I have never been a great Bowie fan; not that he wasn’t incredibly talented and a true icon. This latter a term that can be used a little too readily. No, my lack of appreciation says more about me than it does about him. You see, I couldn’t put him into a category and wasn’t taken with much of his music. I saw him as a musician when he was actually so much more. He couldn’t be pigeon holed and acknowledgement has to be given to  the range of his talents and his contribution to popular culture.

However, it’s more than that. Someone who has been a backdrop for much of my life is no longer around. Moreover, someone who pushed the boundaries and, in doing so, helped others to flourish. Finally, it’s about the fact that I couldn’t see him as other than, to quote Bob Dylan, “Forever Young” and here is my difficulty. It’s as if he should have had years in front of him. That, I think, is the shock.

In this, his effect on me has been similar to someone else who was immensely talented and, in my mind, also never grew old. The late, great George Best.

As we all do, I will get on with the rest of my life although it won’t be quite the same. So RIP,  young David, your legacy will be around for quite a while.


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