Common Purpose, Integrity and Style

Just coming down to earth after an exhilarating weekend. On Saturday I met up with, an estimated, 700,000 other people who’d decided to commit their day to travelling to central London to walk through the capital in a common pursuit; the purpose of which was, ultimately, to remain in the European Union. Peaceful, humorous and good natured, it was a demonstration of much of what I believe to be good about the culture of this country. In sharp contrast to the deceit, xenophobia, small mindedness and prejudice of the campaign of two years ago that created the need for us all to be there in the first place. What was also interesting was that we saw hardly any police officers, something surely unheard of in a demonstration of that size.

We left home at 10 am, popping off for my, NHS provided, flu jab, to meet up with family and friends who’d travelled many miles to get there. The NHS, of course, another example of what is good about this country. My wife and I got home at about 5.30pm to relax before setting off for an Eddie Reader gig in Hammersmith. As usual, she didn’t disappoint and, again, we spent nearly three hours in the company of like minded people in a common pursuit. This time to witness a wonderful singer and musicians who certainly know how to entertain with some style and integrity.

Now, I really like those two words as they describe qualities that I consider to be of some importance. Furthermore, they’re also words, like many others, that have greater impact in comparison with their opposites. In my dictionary, the latter is described as “soundness, uprightness and honesty” and the former, “notably superior in quality”. I leave you to consider those opposites and which you might prefer were best used in describing your common endeavour.

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