Carpe Diem

Yesterday I tackled another of my demons and once again, it was a scary but, ultimately,  satisfying experience. I was at my monthly Professional Speaking Association meeting which, being Xmas, included some “fun” activities. Among these was working with a group who did improvisation in comedy and singing. Part of this included us volunteering to take part. Now I can’t sing and find that trying to do this in public embarrasses me enormously. So, when they asked us to opt for one or other of the groups, I chose singing. The experience wasn’t easy but I did it and I’m glad that I did. As it is with most of these occasions, the fear is usually worse than the reality.  Also, when I’ve done it, I take that totally for granted. The activity and the achievement are no big deal.During the past year or so, the list of these now includes swimming lessons to overcome my fear of drowning, a 20 minute speaking showcase, a 5 minute comedy slot and, now, the singing. Who says that a leopard can’t change its spots? So, how have I managed to face down these personal demons?

Well, I always knew that they lived in my head, although that didn’t make them any less real. Yet, I am nothing if not someone who gets on with life. I have also always hated having my own internal hurdles to overcome in addition to those that are there anyway in life. After all, you don’t need to make difficult situations worse. In addition, tackling one problem has, probably, made tackling the others easier. So, is there a “secret” to the process?

Well, for me there is and it goes back to the therapy I did and the fact that that has now become self therapy. That helps me to do four things. The first of these is to realise that the fear was always in my head. The second is that it enables me to identify some of the root causes, the third is to know that change is possible and the final one is to have the courage to take the small step that is needed. So, tackle your demons, it will help to open the doors to a more satisfying life. Carpe Diem.


  1. you’re quite an inspiration Mike. I’ve been thinking bout my own particular demons today, so reading this blog has come at an apt time. I’m not ready to tackle swimming yet, but maybe, I’ve been wondering, just maybe, I’ll go on a first aid course and overcome some of my fear of blood and sticking plasters!

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