Breaking More Personal Taboos

I’ve always treated life as something to get on with. So, even when notable things happen, I tend to behave as if it’s just another day; which, in many ways, it is. However, that’s not necessarily due to the perseverance that I’m known for so much as not counting my chickens; the fear that to do so would scupper my dreams. So today, I’m going to break another personal taboo and celebrate the next few weeks for which the past few years have been a preparation.

For a start, although I don’t expect Spurs to win the Premiership title this season, something that would require the implosion of the team above them, I do, however, expect them to finish second and qualify for Champions League football next season. I also expect them to do at least as well in the coming seasons. This, after many years of underachievement. For a Spurs’ supporter of a certain generation, that really is a public statement that tests one’s credibility.

On the work front, I now have some of those speaking gigs that I’ve worked hard to generate; notably one to Chief Executives in the voluntary sector. I’m also having a launch of my latest book, “Lessons from a Chequered Life” in a bookshop in central London and will be starting work on a project with schools that I’ve been planning for some time.

On the home front, where the foundations have been worked on for many years, it’ll probably be business as usual with the additional expectation that my youngest daughter will get her MA (in Writing) and the hope that she can find the work that is suited to her talents.  She has worked hard to realise her dreams and will now have to work just as hard to make a living out of them. She has enough about her to do so.

So there you have it, my plans in a nutshell and more of those personal taboos broken. I’m even typing this without having my fingers crossed.


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