Being at Ease with Yourself Part 2

I wasn’t planning on writing on this subject today. After all, hadn’t I done just that last week? Well, yes. I had. What I hadn’t envisaged (and should have) is that things would happen this week that would demonstrate, even more, the value of making those changes for yourself. There has been no magic wand but, what I have long seen as, a four stage process.

For me, the first of these is recognising that there is a problem and that, whatever the cause, dealing with it is something that no one else can do for you. Such acknowledgement may be difficult as it may challenge how you perceive yourself to be. In the past, it has been for me. However, having seen the results, it is something I now quite enjoy.

The second is actually talking to someone to, either, try to identify the cause(s) or help you to take that first step. The latter of which may well involve things that are actually quite reasonable but that you have been putting off. Procrastination, I find, often has underlying causes. While the third is actually facing up to the change by breaking it down into a series of small tasks and taking these on, one at a time, consistently. The last, of course, is reaping the rewards.

I did this last week in two areas of my life. Now I’m not saying that the problems have been completely solved or that I don’t have a road ahead of me. I have. However, I’ve at least identified what was causing me not to start the journey and, as importantly, feel that I’m on the right road. If past experience is anything to go by, I have made some sort of breakthrough. Watch this blog for further news.


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