A Whole New Perspective

In life, you deal with things; itself no big deal. You have a life to lead and most of that is about getting on with it. There is, however, a caveat to this statement and that is, if you have any emotional problems, you would be well advised to sort them out.

Now I realised a while ago that I tended to deal with things (and people) by putting them into  compartments. A result of my childhood where things were overwhelming and that was the only way that I could deal with them. In fact, there was a more extreme way, which was to blank out what I didn’t want to remember and I did that too for the really unpleasant bits. Now that may have been an understandable childhood reaction, however, such behavior can cause problems in later life; as it did for me. That behavior became such a normal part of my life that it became what I was.

Well, as my close friends may know, I’ve changed in subtle but practical ways recently and “decompartmentalising” my life has been one of these. This has helped me to see others as less a threat than as friends which has, itself, helped me to see myself in a more kindly light and, boy, is that different. Strangely, or perhaps not so, this has given me a whole new perspective. There is an ease with myself and others that was previously lacking and I’m quite enjoying the situation. As an important by product, what was personally difficult, is now easier and that is helping me to move forward in a more seamless manner. Onwards and upwards is, I believe, the expression.

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