A Reality Check and More Chipping Away at David

On Friday, we got back from two weeks holiday in Polperro, a lovely fishing village in Cornwall. Apart from the, very, early start to beat the traffic on the outward journey and the eight hour drive back, Cornwall was what we knew it would be and the reason we’ve holidayed there so many times.

So, late Friday evening, we pulled up at home and unpacked. Saturday was the weekly shop and a walk to Granary Square at the new King‘s Cross development (worth a visit). After a lie in on Sunday, Gaynor and I went on one of our weekend walks; this one to Bunhill Fields to the, newly identified, grave of William Blake as well as those of John Bunyan and Daniel Defoe. Then along the canal and a walk home. If you’re a Facebook friend of my wife’s, you will have seen her photos of all this already. Then brought up with a reality check watching Spurs being beaten by Watford! Back to normal, it would seem; which is the point of this blog. Why does the return from holiday bring an expectation that things have changed while you’ve been away when all that has really happened is that you’ve had a nice break?

Well, in my case, a quick realisation, if that had ever gone away, that I need to continue the process of stopping myself from being what I now know that I’m quite capable of being. It’s taken a while so far but I do feel that I’m now nearing the home straight. Hence the title of the blog which comes from a reputed quote from Michelangelo who, when asked how he turned a difficult slab of marble into the renowned statue, said that he just “chipped away the parts that weren’t David”. So, for me, it’s back to the hammer and chisel.

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