A Prime Minister in Wonderland

Last week, I wrote of little bits of Wonderland. Well, today, I’m back on that theme, only this time more “Alice in Wonderland” than lovely places to visit. 

As many of you will know, I’ve had many years of therapy and it has made me a better and more rounded person. I know and feel the difference. So much so that I cringe when I think back to the way I used to behave. Don’t get me wrong, except for my nearest and dearest, most of you won’t have noticed much. How that difference manifests itself is that I get less angry and don’t treat others quite so much as intellectually inferior; the latter a defence mechanism. Not good, though, as you might win the argument but you will, likely, have lost the respect of the person you are trying to persuade. In fact, one of my proudest moments ever was when I was arguing with my son’s best friend, Tony. Matt got so fed up with the way I was putting his mate down that he looked at me hard and said, “You really piss me off. Let him have his say. You’re not always right, you know”. Good on you, son, telling your dad he was wrong. Because he was and he needed telling!

So, why am I writing this today. Well, I had the radio on the other day and it was Prime Minister’s Questions. Now I know that Parliament can behave like a men’s club with its arcane language and rituals but this was of a different order altogether. Does the man’s wife not tell him how he comes across? Mine certainly would, if it was me. Flashman personified with his gloating and sneering. And I thought the English were proud of their courtesy and good manners. Not, it seems, if this was any example.

Now, I am aware that, if you have been educated at one of the top private schools in the country, you may see yourself as superior to us hoi polloi. However, if you are the Prime Minister, you’d be well advised to tone it down a little,  especially when it’s on national radio. You bring yourself, the party you represent and the institution you serve into even greater disrepute than it is already.

By the way, Mr C, I have the name of a very good therapist if you ever feel that you need find out what makes you behave in this way. You too might then cringe when you look back. And, of course, you’ll be a better person for it. You have my contact details if you need to get in touch.

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