A Complete Leap in the Dark

There are momentous days in anyone’s life, some personal and some on a larger scale, the repercussions of which will determine their future. Today is one of those days. Gaynor and I went to bed soon after 10pm and woke at 5.45 to the news that the majority of those who took part voted in the UK referendum voted to leave the EU.

Now, I’m no special fan of the organisation for a whole number of reasons but, on balance, I thought that we were better in than out. Yesterday, however, the country took a giant (and unnecessary) leap in the dark and one that may well come back to bite future generations on the bum. Nobody knows how it will play out. What we do know, however, is that there are likely to be a number of years of uncertainty and upheaval while we try to disentangle ourselves.  This on top of even more austerity and the dismantling of many of those institutions that we hold dear. This morning the £ dropped in value by 10% and a certain Mr Farage said that the suggestion that the £350m we pay into the EU could be spent instead on the NHS was a “mistake”. So the lies and bullshit are already being exposed and privatisation awaits as we close down the supply of overseas staff that we rely on.

I wish you well, my fellow citizens and the next generation. I will probably manage as I’ve always done. Unfortunately, it’s your future that’s at stake and that looks likely to be in the hands of Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and others who I would sooner never have to have any dealing with. Untrustworthy doesn’t come anywhere near describing my feelings for any of them.

The real irony, however, is that this whole thing was self inflicted.  Happy landings, UK.


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